The main idea is to build creative outfits as best you can. Mix and match outfits are the best because they are unique.
Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and be silly with your outfits and looks.

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Get registered and explore.
Become a member and log in.
Create a contest by clicking the Create button in the top menu and follow the simple instructions.
Join contests after clicking on a contest that interests you. Go to the contest details page and click on the join button.
Tell your friends to get dressed up and join the contest or just sit back and wait for it to fill. Once filled your contest goes through the judging process where a winner will be declared.
All winners will be notified

Create or join another contest.
In your dashboard, in the tabs Created Contests and Joined Contests, you will see a delete button on some of the listings.

You can delete created contests only if there are no entries in it yet other than you.
You can delete a pic only from contests you joined and only if it isn't full.

If the delete button is there, you can delete it.
Rank is determined by the points you have in relation to all other members.
There are different categories for rank but the overall points amount is the main rank.

There are numerous ways to collect Points:
  • win a contest
  • create a contest
  • join a contest
  • refer people to the site (coming soon)
  • judge contests (coming soon)
  • be a judge that chooses the winning pic(coming soon)
  • fill your contest to max entries
  • view pics

  • You can concentrate on one category or tally up points in every category.
    Absolutely nothing.
    Judging is almost as easy as viewing except you need to choose the best pic out of every 5 pics shown
    You will get points for each set you complete.
    Make sure you are logged in.
    Click Dashboard link at top of the page.
    You will find the info and more in the menu on that page.
    Mobile users need to click the >> symbol on the right of the page to open menu.
    You have to be a logged in member to upload.
    Create a contest or find one to join. Follow the simple instructions.
    Easy peazy
    You will see an eye glass icon on the picture thumbnails on various pages.
    These mean you have viewed those pics already.
    If you see it on a main pic (for example on the home and browse pages) it means you have viewed all available pics in that contest.
    You must be logged in to see this feature.
    If you are logged in you will see a Report link on each pic when opened. If you are not a member you can Contact Us and we will make it right
    The number one reason you can't find your pic is that the contest has filled and the pics are in judging. Once the contest is judged your pic will show up again.

    Another reason is that your pic did not upload properly. There are many causes for this and if you suspect your pic malfunctioned then please Contact Us
    Can't find your answer here? Use the Contact Us Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
    Still have questions Contact Us