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Spin Wheel help

If you get a Draw Entry, which is a #11 you do not need to contact us. All your entries will be used for the current draw.

If you get the outfits, which is #9, you must EMAIL us at [email protected] with the outfit you want and the friend you would like us to give an outfit to. It would be great if you tell your friend that we will be giving them an outfit because some ignore us or say no etc.

The Sept 30th draw has ended.

Finally got around to tallying the spins. We have a tie for each prize.
-- Aira and Rhythm tied for most 11s spun. Each win 50gems of something.
-- F16DOC1 and Linda Kay 11 tied for most total spin. They will split the prize for 250gems of something each.
To claim your prizes you need to email us with your shopping list. :)