Any member to get a friend to sign up and join or create a contest will receive a silver spin and that friend will get one too!
Due to funds, this first offer is only valid for one friend but this offer will change frequently so check in often.

Here are a couple of suggestions to get friends here.

Talk to them privately. Tell them how fun and friendly it is around here.

You can ask them to search google for vwoutfits or outfitszone . I'm sure we are the very first result for those words. Or ask them to go to or (or search them). These two will bring them directly to the homepage here.

Just don't be spamming the links all over vw... they don't like that.

Remember to tell them to find your name in the list while joining so you get credit.

Tell your friend you are having a good time here and if they are interested tell them we will contact them in vw and lead the way here. Then let us know the name or names and we will sweet talk them to come. But make sure you talk to them first.

Use this approach if you don't want to give our name out while in vw.

We have been fairly lenient about multi avis in here as long as no one is abusing the system. We will be cracking down harder as the system gets smarter. We will never publicly announce multi avis unless they are being used to swindle prizes.