1 Collecting Points
Use all or any of the ways listed below to collect as many points as you can.
Use your points to trade for various goodies like VIP, gems, party passes etc.
Goody prices will change often depending on inventory. There could be flash sales at any time. Check often.
Flash Deals
2 Earning Points

The amount of points winners receive depends on the size of the contest.

Create point amounts depend on the size of the contest you create. If your created contest doesn't attract entries, it will be deleted and the points removed. Try to make attractive titles and great contests.

These points are a little bonus for creating great contests. If your created contests fills up with with all contestants, you get extra points.

You will receive 7 points for each set you judge. Anybody can judge and it's so easy.
You won't be able to judge contests you are entered in.

These are bonus points for having a keen eye. If you choose yes, in any set, to the eventual winner, you will get points.

You get points when you enter someone else's contest. Make sure your photo follows the contest rules.

Every photo you view will earn you 1 point if you're logged in. Photos you have viewed will have an icon of eyeglasses on them.

Every member gets a daily spin on the prize wheel. There are various prizes to win.

3 Information
Your points on your Rank page will not reflect trades. The points on the Trade page are your total points minus any trades. Spend them wisely.